Own work

Korzo, Den Haag 2017

Zuiderparktheater, Rotterdam 2017

Circusstad festival , Rotterdam 2017

GOP, Bremen 2017

Welcom Thuis Festival, Rotterdam 2016

Uitmarkt, Rozenburg 2016

Noorderpark festival, Amsterdam 2016

Work in other Companies

‘Pie in the Sky’ Boostproducties theater tour 2019/2020

‘One of these days’ Tall Tales Acrobatics replacement 2018/2019

‘Sisyphus’ Company Satchok replacement 2018/2019

‘Humans’ Circa replacement 2018/2019

‘Finestra aperta’ Blau Hynder tent tour 2018

‘Vita’ Boostproducties theater tour 2017/2018

‘Camouflage’ Captain Sugar and the Monkey Puppets 2017

‘The sum of what we do’ Pile-en-Face outdoor festivals since 2016

‘Man met hoed’ Boostproducties theater tour 2016/2017

‘Tension Trail’ Collective Penguin Productions 2015/2016

‘Ting’ Scapino Ballet Rotterdam 2016

‘Julia’ Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchester 2015