About us

Since 2017 we have formed an acrobatic trio after we came together for a touring show, and got the chance to get to know each other. We all have an acrobatic background as hand to hand duo’s and fulfilled our education at Codarts Circus Arts, the Netherlands.

We have formed our trio out of passion for acrobatics and the love for performance, and are always looking to improve and expend our knowledge. A very eager and fun trio looking for new adventures.


Wilko Schütz

Base / 1.90 M / 89 KG

German English Dutch French

Wilko Schütz was born in Germany and has been an enthousiast about partner acrobatics from a very young age. Initially he started out as an autodidact with his two brothers which brought him to a children and youth circus where he received intensive training from experienced coaches. His passion for acrobatics continued and here he laid the foundation for static and dynamic partner acrobatics at a high level. Next to his own training schedule he became a regular teacher in several circus- classes and camps. It was only after completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering that he decided to go to a circus school which he completed successfully in 2017 with a hand to hand number. Since then he is working as an acrobatic trio together with David and Marieke.


David Mupanda

Base, middle / 1.75 M / 73 KG

Dutch English Spanish French

David Mupanda from The Netherlands started as a 10 year old boy in the youth circus Rotjeknor in Rotterdam. This brought him to the profession circus education Codarts Circus Arts where he transformed himself from a flyer to a base. In 2016 he completed his education and graduated successfully in a hand to hand number together with Marieke. After his graduation he was part of the cast in a circustheater production and experienced the life of a touring circus artist. One year later he formed an acrobatic trio with Wilko and Marieke and continued working in full length shows based on circus, theater and dance.


Marieke Thijssen

Flyer / 1.60 M / 50 KG

Dutch English German

Marieke Thijssen as well from The Netherlands started as a 12 year old girl in the youth circus. After finishing her education in Visual Arts she missed the physical trainings and decided for the professional education as an circus artist. In her third year she med David and they started working together as a Hand to hand duo. Graduating in hand to hand in 2016 as a flyer she continued her life as a cast member of a touring theater show based on dance and circus. One year later she forms an acrobatic trio and continues working in the same field.